2 min readOct 13, 2019


Write your name with sand by the waters, my love,

let go of yourself in my arms like the clouds and winds above,

my compassion is forever like flowers in offering nectar, and my heart is yours to beat for like the buzzing of a bee.

I love you to the edge of the seven seas, the sands of time that live to tell tales of my love for you, echoeing thru ages because our lives are linked across time.

Let me soothe your tired body with my hands, boil away those tears and whats left of those shackles, turn bravery from that fear, you are not loosing me, thats unacceptable.

There are things so dear, i hold for soo long but words that actually say what i feel for you, words that might or might not be easily fathomed, words that creep in my mouth because they were hidden in my heart, firm and warm just for you.

words intoxicating as abunch of grapes soaked in honey, same reason why my legs spread like a rumour when i am around you. You are like an atlas i can be anywhere when am with you.

my love,

i breath better when i am dying for you,

i live better when am dying to see you,

i see better, blindly falling for you,

i am the healthiest when i fall sick lying next to you,

like a blank page in a new diary,our fate purchased me and with the ink of blood that my body bleeds for you, you filled me in hope, a second chance at passionate love

you are my life, you are my joy, you are my beating heart. Your presence in my dreams is Gods gift and if i die in them, there’s no place i would rather be, because i want to be remembered for loving you

just you.