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2 min readOct 27, 2022


I can’t quite remember the exact lines that crossed my mind at that time but it doesn’t matter, those lines cross me , every time you cross my mind ,OFTEN.

All these memories and images I have of you in my head don’t quite paint it right, nothing compares to what it feels like having you close, tangible, reachable , right there Infront of me. And of all the things I miss, I miss the view, they way your eyes look under red traffic lights, its like the moon came down to kiss the ocean and hugged the waves on its way back up on a rainy day at best.

I miss the taste your lips give, I have tried to tell myself of all the ways that it is purely impossible but in all honesty I can taste you in my mouth when I close my eyes and think of you. I also miss the taste of me on you and you on me (do you remember?)

I fancy us dancing to a jazz song on a late Sunday afternoon after a great meal just for the sake of it, I would most likely suck but moving in rhythm with you sounds like somewhere the rainbow begins. You are like a canvas that paints colors on its own, you feel complete, just like Art. Screw it, you are art.

We don’t know of the secrets tomorrow hold, whether you will go, no matter how temporary I don’t really need to know. You are here now and that is what matters and that is also why you always catch me looking at you like I want you to stay forever. I DO.

There is so much I can’t explain, but I can understand we help each other escape at least I know you do for me. I see you, not just the sense of sight that God blessed me with, I see you through my heart, my lungs when I breathe, I see you when you are deep in your thinking, when you squint your eyes trying to figure things out, when you hate forgetting something you knew very well, when you clench your jaws when you are upset, when you smile even when its not what you need to do, how brave you are…I see you.. I see it all💕.. and that is just a fraction of the things that make me love you😊.

Not looking behind my shoulders, tip toeing at the edge of a cracked wall, jumping off a plane without a parachute and I’m okay. I do not know how you do it but that is how you feel like.